Plus de 15 000 publications déposées sur l’archive ouverte hal-ENPC

Plus de 30 % de ces publications des chercheurs de l’École sont en texte intégral donc librement accessibles sur la toile.

Prenez cinq minutes pour découvrir cinq d’entre elles :

H. Waisman, J. Rozenberg, J.C. Hourcade. Monetary compensations in climate policy through the lens of a general equilibrium assessment. The case of oil-exporting countries. Energy policy 63 (2014) 951-961

R. Abraham, J.F. Delmas. Local limits of conditioned Galton-Watson trees : the infinite spine case. Electronic Journal of Probability 19 (2014) 1-19

M. Cladière, C. Bonhomme, L. Modeling the fate of nonylphenolic compounds in the Seine River – part.2 : Assessing the impact of global change on daily concentrations
Science of the Total environment 468 – 469 (2014) 1059 – 1068

A. Leroy, D. Violeau, M. Ferrand, C. Kassiotis Unified semi-analytical wall boundary conditions applied to 2-D incompressible SPHnified semi-analytical wall boundary conditions applied to 2-D incompressible SPH, Journal of Computational Physics 261 106-129 (2014)

V. Winiarek, M. Bocquet, N. Duhanyan, Y. Roustan, O. Saunier, A. Mathieu Estimation of the caesium-137 source term from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant using a consistent joint assimilation of air concentration and deposition observations, Atmospheric Environment 82 (2014)

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